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The Loss Foundation is the only UK charity dedicated solely to providing bereavement support following the loss of a loved one to cancer, whether that be spouses, family members, friends or colleagues.

We provide a variety of support events to help people at any point during their loss, and create the opportunity for them to meet others who have experienced something similar. We also educate and empower others to support those who are grieving via our workshops and training.


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Hear from our beneficiaries


“I spent weeks phoning around London hospitals and bereavement centres but could not access a group like this – one that simply brings people together to share their stories of loss in an intimate, informal, and accepting context.”

“Knowing that there is something there is enormously reassuring.”

Meet our team


  • Ruth Barnett
    Ruth Barnett

    Ruth joined the board of trustees in 2015 to help advise the charity on communications strategy and management. Currently Director of Communications for a technology company, Ruth is a former journalist and has a degree in politics.

    Likes: dinners with loved ones; the seaside; small acts of kindness
    Dislikes: the usual list of injustice and cruelty; my chronic Zoopla addiction
  • Dr Francine Bear
    Trustee & Facilitator
    Dr Francine Bear
    Trustee & Facilitator

    Francine has been involved in the charity since it began in 2010 and was part of the small team helping Erin in it's development. She is a regular support group facilitator, contributes to the charity's fundraising arm and sits on the board of trustees. Francine recently qualified as a Clinical Psychologist, and has conducted her doctoral research thesis in collaboration with The Loss Foundation to examine how spouses make sense of bereavement following cancer.

    Likes: Plants and flowers, feta, being silly

    Dislikes: Long hairs on sponges, queuing when in a rush, horror films

  • Ori Becker
    Trustee & website guru
    Ori Becker
    Trustee & website guru

    Ori joined the Foundation in mid-2014 having known the Founder and a few of the facilitators. Initially he wanted to see how he could help the Foundation by volunteering, little did he know that by joining he would be the one who was helped. He knows how that reads, like a cheesy Hallmark card/after school special, but it is the truth. Ever since joining he has been dealing with his own bereavement in a way he had never done before. Being a part of this great organisation means he is learning so much about himself, how to grieve, loss and love. The wonderful work that the Foundation does on a daily basis is very much inspiring and fulfilling.

    Ori's official responsibilities are to manage all things technical on behalf of the foundation and it’s website; aiming to try and make the facilitators’ and Director’s jobs are a little easier by helping out in any way possible.

  • Dr Shirey Becker
    Dr Shirey Becker

    Shirey joined The Loss Foundation in 2014 after hearing about the important and much needed support it provides. She helps facilitate the support groups and social events. She also works in the NHS as a Clinical Psychologist in an adult mental health service.

    Likes: Cooking, pilates, coffee

    Dislikes: Driving in London, mayonnaise, Sci-Fi

  • Dr Chantalle Beckford-Tackoir
    Dr Chantalle Beckford-Tackoir

    Chantalle has been working with The Loss Foundation since it was founded in 2010. She works as both a group facilitator and a member of the charity's committee responsible for supporting and strengthening our team. She is continually inspired by the growth of the foundation and humbled by the widely appreciated help we continue to provide. Professionally she works as a GP based in the North West London area. She loves being a part of The Loss Foundation and strives to bring everything she learns from it back to her own patients' and relatives' journey whenever possible.

    Likes: Mangoes, beaches, laughter

    Dislikes: Early mornings, gin, traffic

  • Dr Jessica Bilaney
    Dr Jessica Bilaney

    Jess feels incredibly privileged to be a volunteer for the Loss Foundation having admired Erin and her passion for the cause since the charity was founded in 2010. She has been a facilitator for the support groups since 2012 and the bereavement retreats since 2013, and feels that being part of this dynamic and innovative charity has been a truly humbling experience. 

    Jess is a medical doctor, training to be a general practitioner in London, and encounters illness and loss regularly. Through her work with The Loss Foundation she feels better equipped to talk to patients and their families about bereavement, and also bring some of those skills into her consultations. Jess is hugely proud of the work we do at The Loss Foundation and is excited to be part of this ever evolving organisation, and what the future brings with regards to bereavement support and research in this area.

    Likes: Cooking, baths, panda bears

    Dislikes: Baked beans (yuk!), spiders, scary movies

  • Dr Phebe Burns
    Dr Phebe Burns

    Phebe began volunteering as a facilitator for the charity in 2013. She facilitates support events and contributes to the development of the charity by being part of the Make it Happen committee, which is dedicated to the evaluation and development of all our bereavement services. Phebe is also a Clinical Psychologist, currently working with children who are fostered and their foster carers.

    Likes: Chocolate, an open-fire, Scotland

    Dislikes: Being too hot, wind, not getting enough sleep

  • Dr Joey Carlisle
    Dr Joey Carlisle

    Joey joined as a volunteer in 2012. She helped to run our support groups until she relocated to Singapore in 2015, where she now works as a psychologist. She continues to support our research efforts from afar and hopes to start offering bereavement support in Singapore.

    Likes: Coffee, cats, travel

    Dislikes: Dogs, early mornings, mushrooms

  • Emma Carr
    Emma Carr

    Emma joined The Loss Foundation in September 2015 and has been honoured to join such a welcoming and dedicated team. She currently works as an Assistant Psychologist in the NHS, working with individuals who experience complex depression, anxiety and trauma. From this she has learned how powerful support groups can be in providing a safe space to share experiences without the worry of judgment, and has witnessed how they can foster hope and empowerment. She is excited to contribute to the ongoing development of this compassionate charity.

    Likes: Rugby, running, red velvet cake

    Dislikes:Flying, daddy long legs, scary movies

  • Eleanor Chatburn
    Eleanor Chatburn

    Eleanor is a research psychologist based in Oxford. She heard about the work of The Loss Foundation through working with TLF Trustee Dr Kirsten Smith on The Oxford Grief Study, a research study exploring the development of prolonged grief. She is passionate about improving the provision of support for people who have been bereaved and believes that anyone can engage in this important work, you just need to be compassionate and willing to listen. 

    Likes: dark chocolate, spaniels, autumnal walks

    Dislikes: horseradish, itchy labels on clothes, The Archers theme tune

  • Paris Congrave
    Paris Congrave

    Paris joined The Loss Foundation in 2015 after being struck by the vision the charity has - to provide a space to talk about bereavement openly. Paris is currently working as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist in the NHS.

    Likes: Animals, running, a cup of tea

    Dislikes: Doing the ironing, being tickled, liquorice

  • Dr Belinda Graham
    Dr Belinda Graham

    Belinda has been involved with the charity since it was founded and loves seeing the positive impact it has. Belinda contributes to the charity's research committee developments. Currently at the University of Oxford, Belinda is a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in cognitive therapy for people who are suffering after trauma.

    Likes: Fresh air, cooking, eating with friends

    Dislikes: Jet lag, bugs, washing up

  • Laura Dallas
    Laura Dallas

    Laura feels privileged to have joined The Loss Foundation as a support group facilitator, where she hopes to contribute to the fantastic and inspirational work that Erin and the team do. Laura believes there is something very special and unique about creating a space for people to share their experience of bereavement, in a society which considers death and bereavement a taboo subject. Laura is a recent Psychology graduate and currently works as an Assistant Psychologist in a memory service with older adults. Through her work she has seen how helpful and empowering sharing difficult experiences can be, and so is honoured to be part of a charity which creates a safe, warm and welcoming place for people to do this.

  • Paul Davies
    Paul Davies
  • Dr Beatrice Emmanouil
    Oxford Facilitator
    Dr Beatrice Emmanouil
    Oxford Facilitator

    Beatrice joined The Loss Foundation in 2015 when it was first setting up it's Oxford base, and is delighted to part of a team supporting people who have lost their loved ones. Beatrice wants to be there for people in their time of need and help them connect with others who have been through a similar experience. During working hours, Beatrice is a researcher at Oxford University and works in the NHS.

    Likes:  The sea, olive trees, crickets singing

    Dislikes: Feeling cold, baked beans, forest fires

  • Dr Emily Griffiths
    Dr Emily Griffiths

    Emily became inspired by the passion of her peers working at The Loss Foundation, so she decided to join them in their support to those going through bereavement. Emily works as a Clinical Psychologist specialising in the field of adult mental health. She also fosters cats.

    Likes: Animals, trees, autumn

    Dislikes: Cruelty, injections, forgetting things

  • Dr Megan Hofmann
    Dr Megan Hofmann
    Megan is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in helping people who live with diabetes. She has worked in the mental health field for over 12 years and qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 2014. Megan started facilitating groups with The Loss Foundation in 2012 and feels privileged to be part of such an important charity. 
    Likes: Musical theatre, almond croissants, making her baby girl laugh 
    Dislikes: Crammed underground trains, coriander, creepy crawlies  
  • Dr Carly Huck
    Dr Carly Huck

    Carly joined The Loss Foundation as a group facilitator in 2012 whilst completing her clinical psychology training. She currently works in a hospital setting, as a paediatric clinical psychologist, with children and young people with medical conditions and physical health needs. She has previously worked in a variety of mental health services, predominantly with young people and their families.

    Likes: Travel, being active, laughing out loud

    Dislikes: Bananas, bad drivers, being stuck indoors for too long

  • Laxmi Jaishi
    Laxmi Jaishi

    Laxmi has been volunteering with The Loss Foundation since 2015. She was inspired and motivated by it's approach, which is both innovative and compassionate. Laxmi believes The Loss Foundation plays an invaluable role in providing a safe and caring space for people experiencing grief to come together. Laxmi's experience of seeing people at the support groups and retreats connecting with each other and talking about their experiences and feelings has been an amazing experience to witness and share. Professionally, she works as a lawyer and also has a psychology degree. She feels humbled and privileged to be able to contribute to the inspiring work that The Loss Foundation does.

  • Macushla Lovell-Meade
    Macushla Lovell-Meade

    Macushla is a third year History student at New College, Oxford. In October 2016 she started volunteering as a support group facilitator for the student support groups in Oxford.

    Likes: Garlic bread, massages, bookshops

    Dislikes: Cycling in Oxford, sweaty cheese, tequila

  • Dr Jeanne Magagna
    Dr Jeanne Magagna

    Jeanne is a child, family and adult psychotherapist, part-time teacher at the Tavistock Clinic and writer of many psychotherapy books. She was the Head of Psychotherapy Services at Great Ormond Street Hospital where she worked for 24 years.

  • Rebecca Mahallati
    Rebecca Mahallati
    Rebecca is a highly experienced strategic and insightful senior fundraiser.  She has worked in the third sector since 2005 - spending 10 of those years at Cancer Research UK - where she honed her skills and led one of CRUK's high-value fundraising teams.
    Likes: Jane Eyre, crumpets, pots of tea
    Dislikes: bad manners, moths, celery
  • Peter Osborn
    Peter Osborn
    Peter started attending The Loss Foundation support groups after the death of his wife Gayle in 2010, and became a Trustee in 2016. He makes videos and organises workshops to promote skills of dialogue and organisational management for charities and social enterprises, and he runs singing and wellbeing weekends because... he loves singing.
    Likes:  Singing, holidays, his wonderful family - especially Sid (grandson). 
    Dislikes: Tomatoes, pomposity, horror films
  • Eirini Oikonomou
    Eirini Oikonomou

    Eirini has been volunteering as a facilitator for the support groups in Oxford since May 2016 after having heard about The Loss Foundation's work through a colleague who was already volunteering. Having to go through the loss of a loved one is one of the most challenging experiences in anyone’s life, and Eirini finds it inspiring and heart-warming that people have the courage to go to a support group and share their thoughts on grief. Eirini feels privileged to be a part of such a passionate team that is dedicated to providing a welcome space for people to freely share their thoughts and talk about their bereavement experiences. Her time volunteering has been a rich learning experience on grief, bereavement support and mostly, human strength.

    Likes: Extra dark chocolate, science fiction, jogging on a rainy day

    Dislikes: Kiwis, slow internet connections, hitting her toe on the corner of the bed

  • Dr Lucy Oldfield
    Dr Lucy Oldfield

    Lucy joined The Loss Foundation's Make It Happen committee in 2016 to help with strategy ideas for delivery of The Loss Foundation's awesome services. Lucy is an experienced Clinical Psychologist currently working in an NHS service, and also works at Goldsmiths, University of London where she lectures in Clinical Psychology. Lucy is a former Met police Detective Sergeant and has a degree in psychology. 

    Likes:  Being warm, playing tennis, anything with David Attenborough in it 

    Dislikes: Being cold, having a cold, people who are cold

  • Kylie Pascua-Leones
    Kylie Pascua-Leones

    Kylie joined The Loss Foundation in 2015 having had experience of working with children and families who have been living with cancer. She is currently a Trainee Clinical Psychologist in the NHS.

    Likes: Chocolate cake, picturesque views, stationery

    Dislikes: The cold, pineapple, spiders

  • Deepa Patel
    Deepa Patel

    Deepa is the Chair of The Loss foundation. She is passionate about music, fighting injustice and nurturing reciprocity, wisdom and creativity in our world. Her past roles have included being a music education producer for BBC radio, a campaigner on HIV/AIDS for Action Aid, and as a Co-Managing Director of Creative Partnerships (a national UK Government Initiative on creativity in schools). She currently consults and facilitates change programmes for organisations globally using the art of collaboration, conversation and contemplation.

    Likes (or more accurately loves): Mangoes, silence, Mohammad Ali

    Dislikes: Reality TV (but can't help watching), being impatient with herself and others, wanting to buy new shoes when she is unhappy

  • Clair Pike
    Charity Administrator­­­
    Clair Pike
    Charity Administrator­­­

    Clair joined The Loss Foundation in 2015 as their Charity Administrator.  Clair previously worked as an Area Co-ordinator and Personal Assistant in business and the Charity Sector.  She brings 15 years of skills and knowledge of working, and volunteering, with large and small bereavement charities. Having worked with bereavement for a number of years she understands the benefit of those who are bereaved being supported through meeting others who have had a similar experience.

    Likes: running (which actually looks more like jogging!), carrot cake, family

    Dislikes: being late, getting older, mess

  • Jana Safarikova
    Jana Safarikova

    Jana joined The Loss Foundation in the summer of 2016 as a support group facilitator. She has a psychology degree and a lot of varied interests, including British Sign Language. She works in a dual role as a researcher and clinician, and aspires to become a Clinical Psychologist.

    Likes: Lizards, the seaside and swimming in the sea, going to the theatre

    Dislikes: A bad night's sleep, unfairness, people putting their feet on train seats

  • Shereen Sally
    Shereen Sally

    Shereen joined The Loss Foundation at it's inception and is both a Trustee and event facilitator. Currently working as the Deputy Head of Student Experience at City University London, Shereen also has an MSc in Voluntary Sector Management and over 15 years experience of working and fundraising for cancer led charities, children charities and mental health charities.

    Likes: Travelling, cheese, team sports

    Dislikes: Lack of sleep, public toilets, dogs barking

  • Dr Bethany Singh
    Dr Bethany Singh

    Beth joined The Loss Foundation in 2014, and volunteers as a support group and event facilitator. She also contributes to the development of the charity by being in two of the charity's committees, the Show the Love and the Make it Happen committees. Beth also works in the NHS as a paediatric doctor.

    Likes:  Chocolate, optimism, netball

    Dislikes: Mice, tea with sugar, feeling tired

  • Dr Kirsten Smith
    Trustee & Facilitator
    Dr Kirsten Smith
    Trustee & Facilitator

    Kirsten has been involved in The Loss Foundation since it's creation in Erin's living room over garlic bread and a cheeseboard. She is a Clinical Psychologist and Research Fellow at the University of Oxford where she is responsible for running The Oxford Grief Study, a large scale investigation of the psychological processes involved in adaptation after loss. 

    Likes: Ottolenghi, antipodean baristas, brainstorming

    Dislikes: Cycling, Oxford winters, when cashiers put the change on top of the notes

  • Professor Helen Storey MBE
    Professor Helen Storey MBE

    Helen’s connection to The Loss Foundation goes back to it’s earliest formation and the love that inspired it's birth. Her role as advisor remains one of support and imagining the future together. She is a Professor of Fashion & Science at The University of The Arts London and currently works in several unexpected ways for the plight of the global refugee crisis through her work with the UNHCR.

    Likes: Humans, old trees, sun

    Dislikes: Wasting time, liquorice, lack of sleep

  • Dr Sara Sydlowski
    Dr Sara Sydlowski

    Sara has been involved with The Loss Foundation since 2012. Professionally she is Clinical Psychologist who has worked in a range of adult and child settings. Throughout her various roles she has had an interest in how individuals and groups negotiate change and manage transitions. Her involvement in The Loss Foundation has enriched her understanding of how people cope with bereavement and loss in different ways.

    Likes: Pizza, travelling, running

    Dislikes: Snakes, flying , baked beans

  • Dr Erin Hope Thompson
    Founder and Director
    Dr Erin Hope Thompson
    Founder and Director

    Erin founded The Loss Foundation in 2010 after witnessing the lack of support available when her father died from cancer in 2008. She became dedicated to building services to support people during their hardest times. Erin also works as a Clinical Psychologist within the NHS and private sector.

    Likes:  Climbing mountains, crosswords, popcorn

    Dislikes: Missing the trailers, being late, finishing the popcorn

  • Lizzie Woodward
    Lizzie Woodward

    Lizzie joined the team in 2014 shortly after meeting Kirsten Smith in Oxford and learning about The Loss Foundation and their inspirational work. She is a regular facilitator of both the Oxford community support groups and student support groups. Lizzie believes it is a privilege to work for such a great charity and is continuously humbled by the stories shared by group members, the support they offer one another, and the difference that sharing an experience can have with others who understand the experience of loss. Professionally Lizzie has worked in a range of mental health settings, and is currently finishing her doctorate, specialising in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

    Likes: Mountain hikes, spaghetti, the sea

    Dislikes: Wasps, peas, scratchy wool

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