Therapy groups

From October 2018 we will be delivering a new type of therapy group to help people who have lost a loved one to cancer. We will be offering a 9-week program of grief support to help support you in your loss.

These will be different from our standard support groups, which are of a drop-in nature. The therapy groups will have the same people in them each time, will be structured and will cover specific content. To benefit from the therapy groups you will need to sign up and commit to all of the sessions, and we recommend doing so quickly as places go very soon after being released.

In the groups our Clinical Psychologists will share what they know about grief and all that can arise out of it, and offer you some guidance and tips to help you cope with loss. Alongside this will be the social element of the groups. We recognise that grief can be isolating, and that meeting others who are also grieving can be healing. Therefore, the groups will help build connections and friendships with others who have experienced something similar.

Every session will have a theme that will focus on trying to help you with a specific aspect of the grieving experience. For example we will be helping people deal with flashbacks, troubled sleep, difficult feelings and more. We will be building on what has been shared and learned session-by-session, so attendees will need to commit to all 7 sessions.

How will the groups help me?
We piloted these types of groups in 2016. Attendees kindly completed questionnaires for us and gave us feedback after every session so we were able to learn about what was working well and what needed improving. We were delighted to learn that the groups helped improve peoples’ low mood, anxiety and self-compassion. We hope this is the case for you too. There’s only one way to know if it will help, and that’s to give it a go.


When will the therapeutic groups start?
We will be running the first group from October 2018 with others starting in early 2019.



How do I join the groups?
Information on registering for therapy groups will be released in September 2018.

Next Events

20/08 August 20 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
05/09 September 5 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm